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Welcome to Myspace Free Div Layouts. The website for the Myspace group Free Divs, the way to really customise your profile!

For those of you that do not know, a "div layout" or "div overlay" as they are sometimes refered to is a more advanced way of customizing your Myspace profile. Basically it will hide the default Myspace layout and then place new content over the top of it, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Div layouts are a much better way of expressing your creativity over Myspace.

Latest News

Myspace Tutorials (2009-07-23)

I thought I would make a few more Myspace tutorials this month as that is suposed to be the main focus of this site afterall and I don't think I have made one in a good while now.

New Tutorials:

Myspace Comment Box

Switching to Profile 2
Profile 1 Hide Codes


Even More Tutorials (2009-06-23)

I think this site is slowly changing into more of a tutorial site than a Myspace resource site but I don't see that as a bad thing at the moment - at least I am updating it with new content!

The Tutorials

Picture Pop-Out
Make a stationary car look like it's a moving car
Simple Orb Logo
Night Sky

A Couple of Tutorials (2009-05-23)

I know I've not had that much time to add to this site in the past few months but I am adding a few tutorials each month at the least.

This month:

Forum User Bar
Simple GIF Animation
Flag Blowing in the Wind

Been Busy (2009-04-23)

I am sorry but I have been so busy with other things I have neglected this website over the past month. As a result there hasn't been much new content or news to report.

The only new tutorial this month is:

Draw a Plasma TV

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