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Welcome to Myspace Free Div Layouts. The website for the Myspace group Free Divs, the way to really customise your profile!

For those of you that do not know, a "div layout" or "div overlay" as they are sometimes refered to is a more advanced way of customizing your Myspace profile. Basically it will hide the default Myspace layout and then place new content over the top of it, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Div layouts are a much better way of expressing your creativity over Myspace.

Latest News

Fixes and Tutorials (2008-07-20)

As I said yesterday, I would fix the rest of the layout codes today, and I did.

I also added in a "Latest Tutorials" section to the tutorials page.

I'm planning on making quite a few more tutorials in the near future. I have one almost finished so keep a lookout for it soon. [more]

New Tutorials and Fixes (2008-07-19)

I have been occupied with some other things the past few weeks, hence having nothing to update about until now. But I have done a lot today and plan to do a lot more tomorow too.

I have fixed just over half of the layout codes to work properly with the new Myspace updates that have taken place in the past while (as I mentioned in the last update).

I have also written a few new tutorials, one on choosing a DOCTYPE and one on FavIcon's. [more]

New Nav Bar causing problems (2008-06-27)

So we know that if you are using one of our extensive range of Myspace Div layouts then you will be having problems with the new top navigation bar. We have the solution and I have already added it to the tutorials section on the hide everything and creating a div layout tutorials.

I will be adding it to all the layouts I can over the next week or so and will update again after I have done so.


New Layouts and Tutorials (2008-06-03)

So i've been slacking a bit and thought I should probably update today. So I did and here we have it.

I've finally got round to putting some of the tutorials back up there, and re-writing a few. So far there are no CSS or JavaScript tutorials, but i'm working on it.

There are also 3 great new layouts from Mike. [more]

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