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Welcome to Myspace Free Div Layouts. The website for the Myspace group Free Divs, the way to really customise your profile!

For those of you that do not know, a "div layout" or "div overlay" as they are sometimes refered to is a more advanced way of customizing your Myspace profile. Basically it will hide the default Myspace layout and then place new content over the top of it, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Div layouts are a much better way of expressing your creativity over Myspace.

Latest News

Updates, Updates, Updates (2007-07-08)

Whats been done:

Fixed all the preview links I could.
Got a favicon up (the wee image next to the url in the address bar).
Put two tutorials up, one on tables, one on style sheets. [more]

The Beginning (2007-07-05)

After a whole lot of hard work the Free Divs website is now up and running.
The tutorials section is empty just now. Soon I will post tutorials in there, once I get round to writing some. If you have a request for a tutorial please post a topic in the group and I will take it into consideration. [more]

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